Integrated Financial Management

Using Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS), Soft Tech has been able to assist Governments to obtain timely, accurate, consistent data for management and budget decision-making.

IFMS enables prompt and efficient access to reliable financial data and help strengthen government financial controls, improving the provision of government services, raising the budget process to higher levels of transparency and accountability, and expediting government operations.

Soft Tech has implemented integrated, adaptable management solutions that automate and streamline governance and management processes, for the entire Governments of Tanzania, Malawi, Gambia, Lesotho, Zanzibar and the Government of Bauchi State, Nigeria.

Capability Statement

Epicor Based IFMIS for Central and Local Governments offers unique features for Governments operations and management of their Finances, these are

  • Treasury Management to ensure Funding to Ministries and Agencies are within approved budget,
  • Single Treasury Account to Centralize and Consolidate Government Payments and Receipts,
  • Electronic Funds Management with Central Banks,
  • Commitment Control to ensure commitments and expenditure are within approved funding and budgets,
  • Budget Management to ensure all budget changes are controlled and monitored.
  • Global Suppliers Management, to ensure suppliers database is shared across the entire Government,
  • Extensive reporting

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