Success Story – MOF

Success Story about “Ministry of Finance, Government of Tanzania”.



“After evaluating the world’s top business software providers we chose Epicor ERP. Not only because it offered the best fit for our requirements, but also because it was supported by Soft-Tech Consultants Ltd,” says Mshangana. “They proved that they have the expertise and experience to implement the system and ensure a continued high level of support.”
“The professional service, level of expertise and excellent support is something that Soft-Tech Consultants Ltd. should be proud of,” says Mshangana.

“Soft-Tech Consultants Ltd. takes customer support very seriously,” explains Harish R. Bhatt, managing director of Soft-Tech Consultants Ltd. “We work closely with our customer so that we understand their needs and deliver on our promises.”
The centralization of data and the ability to integrate with other systems makes Epicor ERP stand out from other systems. Added to this, the system’s flexibility and scalability means that it can be tailored to suit every customer’s needs and adapt with them as they grow.

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