Success Story – GOTG

Success Story about “the Government of the Republic of Gambia”.

Through our partner HITS Solutions, Soft Tech implemented one of the most successful projects for the government of The Gambia using the Human Resource Management solution (HRMS).

The World Bank as a donor has selected an HRMS to automate the HR requirements demanded by Gambia which has a population of 1.6 million, while its government has approximately about 25,000 employees. In the selection process done by the World Bank Committee, HITS was described as the smart solution based on the following aspects: facilitation and smoothness of use, flexibility in processing, copiously rich in reporting and enjoying a reputation of quick implementation.

The project required the designing of the organization structure of the entire government on one database. Defining an unlimited number of role-based security layers according to the granted authorities based on the Government policy. Also maintaining and migrating legacy data from main frame into an HR SQL database. The solution also needed to be able to customize on the special taxes of the Gambian Government in a way which will enable the government administrators to apply any additional tax modifications instantly with zero programming.

Working with our partner HITS we implemented their HRM Solution which was installed on seven servers; with another set of seven servers located in the disaster recovery area. The system was customized with zero programming via system wizard to comply with the special taxation and labor law of the Gambian government. Also a tree structure organization was designed to encompass the entire Government Ministries, sections, divisions, departments and others.

In addition, automation was granted regarding MS SQL Alerting services which enabled the sending of different E-Mail alerts to employees, to notify them by various types of events automatically, like for instance; hiring, termination, sending pay slips, change of status, end of contract, leave balances and more.

Furthermore, a complete integration was designed to send Payroll and benefit Journal Voucher into Epicor General Ledger. Special Hardware configuration was designed to download data from the IBM mainframe into Comma delimited text file, as DTS packages were designed to convert the ‘txt’ format into ‘MS SQL’ format.