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Course Code : ACCT
Course Title : Computer Based Accounting Systems

Career Opportunity

The course prepares participants in gaining employment in a large number of areas where computer based Accounting Systems are being introduced and skilled manpower is in very short supply.


Part time : 2.5 hour per day for 8 weeks
Working time : 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Practice time : 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Course days : Monday - Friday


  1. To provide participants with adequate knowledge of computing required to understand the functionality and operation of computer systems.
  2. To provide participants with detailed appreciation of a computer based accounting system and the general manner of functioning of such systems.
  3. To provide participants with adequate knowledge of the process of implementing computer based accounting systems.

Course Structure

The course structure assumes that participants have limited knowledge of computing.

General Introduction to computers

Common application packages - Spreadsheets. This part of the course will cover practical training on a common spreadsheet package.

Computer Based Accounting Systems - This will involve detailed study of:

Study of the following modules of a computerised accounting system
- General Ledger
- Sales Ledger
- Purchase Ledger
- Stock Control


  1. Regular written tests
  2. Submission of written reports
  3. Practical tests on demonstration systems
  4. End of course examination

Course Award

A certificate will be awarded to candidates who successfully pass the examinations and project work.

Course Cost

The course cost is Tshs. 200,000.00.

Course Venue

1st Floor, 37 Bibi Titi Mohammed Street
Opp. UNICEF Offices
P. O. Box 21692
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: (051) 119037/8, 0811 324476
Fax: (051) 119039