Managing Data for Decision Support

Data is playing a huge role in helping governments with decision making, and with Covid-19, life saving decisions. With data visibility, governments have been identifying pandemic hotspots, healthcare facilities and

Transforming Government Service Delivery Through Digitalisation.

Digital public services are imperative to increase and ensure public satisfaction. When digitizing the government two things should be taken into close consideration. The capability of the technology in engaging

Ensuring tax compliance through digitization.

There’s no doubt technology has a great impact on how government engages with their citizens. The government is now gaining access to resources that where once available to the private
Government, Public Finance

Revisiting public finance levers amidst post Covid bounce back.

Though African governments have made significant progress in fostering development and improving people’s lives through investments in health care systems, COVID-19 has resulted in an unprecedented increase in government debt,
Cybersecurity in Africa

How Cybersecurity Moved from Being Government Agenda to Enterprise Priority

As a cybersecurity services provider company, we came across an interesting article on WEF that is worth sharing. Even as governments rapidly adopt modern information security techniques, many enterprises lag.
Cybersecurity in Africa
ERP, Government

Why Finding the Right ERP Solution is Important for Solving Challenges

Driving quality services constantly and efficiently is not easy. Accountability to people is a key challenge along with the pressure of scrutiny from funding organisations and regulatory bodies. Taking control

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