Central Budget Management System (CBMS)

Our Central Budget Management System supports each step of the process throughout the year.

CBMS is designed and built to meet the requirements of all sectors of economy with its unique and standard features that focuses on Consolidation, Collaboration, Control, Accountability and Transparency.

The solution facilitates strategic and tactical planning, allowing organisations to develop a strategic framework, execute and monitoring at a tactical level. It integrates with any external data source and allows real-time collaboration between MDAs and the budget department making the revisions of budget easy to manage and control in a simple and timely fashion.

Our CBMS complies with Program Based Budgeting, ABB, PBB, MTEF, GFS and COFOG and is tightly integrated with Chart of Accounts. The system also produces all forms required including a cash flow plan.

Soft-Tech provides local support and expertise with costing schedules, workforce planning and forecasting functionalities, enabling businesses to manage its budget transfers, reallocation and releases that occurs throughout the year.