Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Improving Response Quality

Conversational AI makes it easy for humans to interact with computers.

This is an important advancement for your business because it increases productivity, improves customer experience, and increases customer engagement. Conversational AI chatbots are quite versatile and can be implemented in multiple communication channels. Soft Tech offers the following CAI services to businesses.

Machine Learning (ML) & Natural Language

As technology continues to advance, it is important for businesses to stay updated in order to operate more efficiently. Businesses can leverage our CAI service that uses AI, ML, and Natural language to identify potential customers and personalize marketing materials to send to them based on the information gathered from the customer’s past purchases.

Quick, Automatic, and Authentic Responses

Soft Tech offers a conversational AI service that will interact with your clients quickly, automatically, and authentically. With this tool, the workflow efficiency of your business will be greatly improved since multiple customers’ inquiries can be responded to simultaneously.

Multi-Lingual Support

The multilingual chatbot is especially useful for brands operating within multiple locations with several spoken languages. Using this service will make communication easy, and therefore help your business grow by attracting and retaining customers simply because the language barrier has been lifted.

Omni-Channel Support

This service simplifies content management, by giving you room to manage all your businesses’ social media interactions from one inbox. Thus enabling you to build more personal customer relationships.

Customer Support, Operations, Sales and Marketing, HR Automation, ITSM Automation

Our integrated system includes automation of HR processes that can help you onboard employees faster, process employee requests easily, and offboard employees securely.

Finance and Voice Contact Centre

Soft Tech provides businesses with Virtual Assistance services. This covers a range of administrative works including customer services. Voice Contact Center is beneficial for both the customer and the business since customers get their needs met without waiting for an agent to be available, and as such, businesses have to deal with fewer queries thus increasing efficiency.
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