Data Analytics

Organizing Your Information

Organizations require the ability to access, evaluate and comprehend heterogeneous data to seek valuable insights.

Soft-Tech Advisory Services covers all key areas depending on the maturity level of an organization’s Data Strategy and its current needs.

Data Strategy

Our data strategy will help you create value from your data assets, including:

  • Contextualization – Developing Perspectives, conducting Data SWOT and creating Data Asset Inventory
  • Ideation – Developing Use Cases
  • Prescription – Developing Road Map and Implementation Plan

Data Management

Develop a unified view of data with our data management service, which will help you:

  • Use Data Management Frameworks
  • Review Organizations Data LifeCycle
  • Review Data Architecture
  • Review Data Storage
  • Review Operations (administration, integration, interoperability)
  • Review Organizations
  • Data Categories (Metadata, Master, Reference)

Data Governance, Quality and Security

Setting and enforcing organization rules on data, making data reliable, and protecting data from vulnerabilities:

  • Establish & Operationalize a Data Governance Program
  • Define Data Quality – making data reliable
  • Ensure Data Security (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability

Data Processes and Technology

Ensure effective use of the organization’s existing technology investments or assist in selecting and acquiring new technology based on the organization’s needs for:

  • Data Generation and Acquisition
  • Data Integration and Management
  • Data Analysis (Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive)
  • Data Operationalization (Robotic Process Automation, Visualizations, Dashboards, BI)

Organization Model and Culture

Implement an organizational structure specifically for data and build an organization’s culture that is data-driven for all decision-making.

  • Creating a Data Organization – Governance Office, Chief Data Officer, Data Stewards.
  • Building a Data-Driven Culture
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