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Organizations require the ability to access, evaluate and comprehend heterogeneous data to seek valuable insights. Soft-Tech Advisory Services covers all key areas and depending on the maturity level of an organization's Data Strategy and it's current needs, any one, a combination or all services can be provided.

Data Services

Data Strategy

Create value from your data assets

  1.  Contextualization – Develop Perspectives, conduct Data SWOT and creation of Data Asset Inventory
  2.  Ideation – Developing Use Cases
  3.  Prescription – Developing Road Map and Implementation Plan

Data Management

Develop a Unified View of Data

  1. Using Data Management Frameworks
  2.  Review Organizations Data LifeCycle
  3.  Review Data Architecture
  4.  Review Data Storage
  5.  Review Operations (administration, integration, interoperability)
  6.  Review Organizations Data Categories(Metadata, Master, Reference)

Data Governance, Quality and Security

Setting and enforcing organization rules on data, making data reliable and protecting data from vulnerabilities

  1.  Establish & Operationalize a Data Governance Program
  2.  Define Data Quality – making data reliable
  3.  Ensure Data Security (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

Data Processes and Technology

Ensure effective use of organization’s existing technology investments or assist in selecting and acquiring new technology based on organizations needs for:

  1.  Data Generation and Acquisition
  2.  Data Integration and Management
  3.  Data Analysis (Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive)
  4.  Data Operationalization (Robotic Process Automation, Visualizations, Dashboards, BI)

Organization Model and Culture

Implement an organizational structure specifically for data and building an organization’s culture that is data-driven for all decision making.

  1. Creating a Data Organization – Governance Office, Chief Data Officer, Data Stewards..
  2. Building a Data-Driven Culture

Leverage a Modern Data Architecture to Derive the Maximum Value Out of Your Data.

Depending on specific business needs and objectives, our typical approach varies from one organization to another. All the initiatives are defined after the assessment (Phase 0), and are determined by the selected use cases.

Transform Business Data into Actionable Insights

Data Visualization

    Create insightful reports and dashboards with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Use powerful visualization tool to unleash relevant business insights.

Powerful Analytics

    Meet the entire needs of your organization with powerful analytics. Quickly find answers to your company’s most important questions anywhere, anytime.

Data Preparation

    Effortlessly connect & import data from disparate data sources ranging from files, feeds, databases, cloud drives, myriad business applications & even in-house apps.

Data Blending

    Create functional reports which are easy to comprehend and bring your data to life when you uncover new business opportunities. Build your analytics from data preparation to cataloging, search and governance by using the right data.

Self-Service BI

    Build and share interactive dashboards and reports in minutes, not days. Explore, find and measure data insights in a secure environment seamlessly. Easily find, monitor, explore and share actionable data insights.

Smart Dashboards

    Create dashboards with a customized interface that represents data in a more actionable manner according to your business needs. Transform raw data into charts and graphs so that they can identify trends and patterns to improve decision-making.

Data Security

    Security is a high priority with Tableau. It allows you to seamlessly integrate with your existing security protocols such as Active Directory, Kerberos, etc., and helps you keep the content secure with multi-tenancy options & controls.

Automatic Updates

    Get the freshest data with a live connection to your data or get automatic updates on a schedule you define. It helps organizations promote trusted data sources for all users to make the right decisions at the right time.

Build a Simple yet Scalable Data Driven Culture

Tableau Desktop

    Create reports, dashboards, and stories using different charts and graphs. The workbooks and the dashboards created using Tableau Desktop can be shared locally or publicly.

Tableau Prep

    It helps with the cleaning, shaping, and organization of data before it can be analyzed. It can gather a considerable amount of data from varied sources and transform them. Its simple drag-and-drop features quickly streamline the complicated tasks of pivots, unions, joins, aggregate, etc. Once the data is clean, it can be subsequently used in the Tableau Prep output.

Tableau Online

    Easily share and collaborate data with your teams, partners and customers without having to manage a server – all on the cloud with Tableau Online. With Tableau Online,your analytics are securely hosted in the cloud—accessible to the right people from anywhere,at anytime.  Add users with a few clicks and scale your site to fit your business.

Tableau Server

    Share your data and dashboards to multiply your impact. Whether you keep your Server deployment on-prem or deploy to the public cloud you can keep the management of your server in your hands. Manage content, define access for individual users and groups, and ensure accurate insights. Access it from any browser, with Tableau Mobile, or even embed your analytics in another application.

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