e-Tendering and e-Auction Management Suite.

An End-to-End Procurement Process Automation

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Procurement has become more strategic, complex and at the same time is expected to happen with lesser clicks. Soft-Tech’s e-Procurement Software Suite enables your business to achieve automation by offering buy, sell and auction workflows to drive procurement with complete integration to major ERPs and deployment in no time.

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e-Tendering Solution

Our solution provides an end-to-end automated e-Tendering process, replacing manual paper-based systems, electronically facilitating tendering processes based on the best practises to save time and money.

e-Tendering Solution Process

Reverse Online Auction

A single buyer makes potential sellers aware of their intent to buy a specified good or service, the sellers bid against one another to secure the buyer’s business, driving the price to be paid for the item downward.

e-Tendering Solution with Reverse Auction Process

e-Tendering Solution Versus Tendering Solution with Reverse e-Auction Tool


The solution provides for on end-to-end online tendering process. Just register, upload your tender documents, receive bids, download, evaluate them and publish results.

e-Tendering with Reverse Auction as a Negotiation Tool in e-Sourcing.

With reverse auctioning in tendering process, after evaluation, the buying organisation con set reverse auction events to mamimise savings as vendors bid downwards to win tender. The vendor with lowest bid wins and results are published.

Forward Online Auction

A single seller offering an item for sale, with buyers competing to secure the item by bidding the price upward.

Enhance your Buying, Selling Through an e-Auction Solution.

Digital Car Trading Solution

Easily manage your entire automobile trading process online, from valuation to administrative, logistical processing and more. Benefit from a simple, transparent and efficient automotive trade platform. Our dynamic and innovative software enables us to facilitate the perfect trading process for any automotive company. Work faster, smarter and close more deals!

Agro Online e-Auction Solution

Introduce real time availability of auction results to ensure increased transparency through built in audit trail, and enable larger number of trading windows to increase buyer/producer participation and volumes of Agri commodity traded at the auction. Built for volume driven Agri commodities sale to ensure transparency and efficiency in the process to the advantage of the beneficiaries.

Auction Houses

Monitor events (bids, auctions etc.) and its complete supply chain operations on your web dashboard and mobile. Our e-auction software empowers you to have 100% visibility and establish complete transparency in managing various events achieving better results at a lower cost

e-Disposal Process

An online B2B negotiation platform where buyers connect and bid for buying various materials/assets that are disposed by the seller and or organizations.

Implementation Options

On Premise

On Cloud (SAAS)- Module Licence or Per Usage

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Enhance Transparency, Achieve 30% or Higher Cost Savings and Significantly Improve Procurement Productivity

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