eProcurement Solutions

Automating Your Operations

eProcurement is designed to automate interactions between an organization, customers, and other value chain partners.

Processes such as; the purchase and sale of supplies, equipment, works, and services are done through a web interface or other networked system. This increases an overall organization’s efficiency in carrying out its operations.

Procurement Planning and Budgeting

With this solution, you will be able to develop a strategic framework, execute and monitor at a tactical level, and easily manage budget revisions.

eSupplier Management

The objective of eSupplier Management software is to make sure the products produced by the manufacturer meet customers, which will result in a good return on investment. This is done by using the internet to carry out value-added activities such as automating all your financial processes, simplifying cash management, accounts, and assets management, and making budgeting, execution, and reporting easier with an integrated system.


Your business will benefit from our eSourcing service which uses digital tools to digitize the Source-to-Contract process. This includes; the identification and selection of suppliers.


eTendering occurs after eSourcing. In this stage, you will be able to use our service to automatically solicit bid tenders and evaluate suppliers.

eCatalogue Management

e-commerce catalog management tool allows your business to flourish by consistently presenting product data and messaging across all sales channels. This is a significant customer-first sales strategy that can potentially make or break merchants.

Contract Management

We provide a digital contract management system that allows you to manage, track, and automate every step in your contract lifecycle, no matter how big or small your company is. Therefore, significantly reducing the amount of time and other resources required to manage all of your contracts.

eAuction Management

With our e-auction service, transactions between sellers and bidders are made easier whether the transactions are B2B, B2C, or C2C. The system encourages competition, as suppliers bid online against each other for contracts. This gives bidders a lot of options to choose from, and an overall provision of industry-standard services by the sellers.
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