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Government IFMIS & CBMS

Budgeting, Treasury and Financial Management

Our Integrated Financial Management Information Systems (IFMIS) reduces the complexity of your operations and accelerates productivity through automation. Budgeting and strategic planning are simplified with our Central Budget Management System (CBMS) that helps you take control of consolidation, collaboration, accountability and transparency.

Accelerate Productivity and Efficiency

Simplified Financial Management

Automate all your financial processes, simplify cash management, accounts and assets management. Make budgeting, execution and reporting easier with an integrated system.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Enhance operational efficiencies with tailored solutions that enable you to leverage data and extensive reporting to sharpen decision making for improved performance and accountability.

Improved Budgeting Operations Management

Develop a strategic framework, execute and monitor at a tactical level and easily manage budget revisions. With a Top Down and Bottom Up approach, or combination of both, customers gain great flexibility in the approach they wish to adopt. A solution that makes all budgeting tasks easy from budget framework and ceilings management, budget preparation to budget books printing, execution and analysis.

Fully Integrated Solution

Integrate budget data with any external data source and leverage real-time collaboration between MDAs and the Budget Department. Ensure compliance and tight integration with General Ledger Chart of Accounts, GFS, MTEF and COFOG.

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