Most government entities, especially those managing finances and accounts are controlling funds to other bodies and following up on reports manually or are facing vendor dependency risk. Complex processes and intricate accounting practices put such governmental organizations in a very challenging position leaving them dependent on more resources to execute financial processes and reporting. Deploying more resources combined with predominantly manual operations invariably lead to more expenditure due to poor efficiency and higher resource usage.

To address this challenge, such organizations require a solution that bring transparency, efficiency and easy reporting capabilities. Now, what exactly do government organizations look for in such a solution?

  1.  Ensures standards, regulations and adherence are strictly followed with budget, control and fund criteria worked in to the system
  2. Smooth integration with existing systems
  3. User friendly and process intuitive
  4. Access to 24/7 support to resolve issues fast and efficiently

With my vast experience in helping different types of governmental organizations implement ERP solutions, I strongly feel that Epicor ERP has all the features and capabilities that can best address these needs. Modules like budget, cash and fund management, accounts payable and receivable, purchase order, system manager and general ledger significantly help control expenditure and optimize resource management.

Governmental organizations benefit from real time data, adherence to international reporting standards, better decision making and fewer reporting errors.

We have been helping such entities leverage customized solutions that minimize overspending, improve security, efficiency, accuracy and reliability and enforce standards. We can help you too, find out more