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The International Data Center Authority (IDCA) has been established to streamline, structure, educate and give direction to the information technology industry. IDCA’s core mission is to aid in standardizing the approach, selection, design, feasibility, operation, and various processes and methodologies of the Application Ecosystem®. Formed by industry veterans who realized the problems facing the industry and decided to do something about it, IDCA has perceptively identified the gaps and shortcomings of the rapidly evolving cloud, AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, IoT, big data, and data center industry. IDCA offers certification of the entire Application Ecosystem®, its components, infrastructure, and equipment as well as professionals.

Audit: Comprehensive Digital Infrastructure Assessment

The International “Data” Center Authority (IDCA), as the ultimate standardization, education, and certification body for the Application Ecosystem® and its supporting digital infrastructure, helps deliver comprehensive, effective, up-to-date, and uniquely innovative assessment and compliance audits.

The Application Ecosystem® and digital infrastructure audits are inclusive of the mission- critical applications, information technology (IT), cloud and data centers as well as all the necessary application-ecosystem supporting operations, documentation, policies, systems, components, efficacies, and infrastructures. All ecosystems will be audited, either as- designed, as-built, or as-operated on the basis of IDCA requirements to assess their compliance to IDCA Grade Levels®, and the seven (7) efficacies of availability, efficiency, capacity, operation, innovation, resilience, safety & security per each of the seven (7) application ecosystem layers of Application, Platform, Compute, IT Infrastructure (ITI), Site Facility Infrastructure (ITI), Site, and Topology.

Education: Trainings and Certification Programs

Data Center Training and Certification Programs

IDCA data center training and certification programs involve the world’s most comprehensive, credible, and favoured courses. IDCA’s certified data center training courses are designed in a unique manner, focusing on the essentials for the specialists, technicians, experts, executives, managers, operators, and designers, to provide them the effective knowledge in selecting, designing, building, and managing data centers. IDCA programs involve dynamic course materials and lectures, real-world case studies, problem-solving, and group activities to enhance the learning abilities of professionals throughout the data center training courses.

Source: IDCA
Cloud Training and Certification Programs

IDCA has designed the cloud training course modules in a unique manner, focusing on the essentials for the executives, engineers, managers, architects, consultants, technicians, and operators to design, select, build, and manage the cloud end-to-end. IDCA takes cloud professionals through fundamental cloud elements, leading to an advanced comprehension of cloud components, standards, best practices, policies, technologies, and the latest trends. All IDCA cloud training courses cover a wide range of cloud topics, which are accompanied by live examples, hands-on case studies, and group activities.

Source: IDCA
Cybersecurity Training and Certification Programs

IDCA cybersecurity training and certification programs provide the industry’s most modern cybersecurity knowledge and expertise to empower professionals in the field. These cybersecurity training courses render a holistic and informative cybersecurity perspective with the latest best cybersecurity practices, methodologies, tools, systems, and technologies. IDCA takes professionals through fundamental security elements, leading to an advanced comprehension of cyber elements and components. IDCA cyber security training courses cover a wide range of topics, which are accompanied by live examples, hands-on case studies, and group activities.

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Consultancy: End-to-End Digital Infrastructure

IDCA offers a wide range of advisory, mentorship, and consultancy services. These services are geared towards governments and nations, as well as small, medium, large and mega corporations in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Data Center Consultancy

These services can be both technical and commercial in nature. IDCA experts provide full- fledged data center services for a complete data center lifecycle. These include but may not be limited to data center assessment, review, data center selection and specification, data center integrity tests, data center planning, data center benchmarking, data center gap analysis, data center operations support, data center development, data center business planning, data center operations manuals, data center technology selection, data center green planning and suitability consulting. IDCA data center services will help data center owners and operators achieve their business objectives in the most efficient, secure, and effective manner.

Cloud Consultancy

Public cloud, private cloud, multi-cloud, on-prem, or hybrid cloud, which is ideal? The answer depends on the specific needs and circumstances of each organization. Global economies live on the cloud, today. But what sort of cloud, what size, scope, capacity, how/where/what are key questions that need to be addressed not only per organization but rather per every application that the organization depends on to perform its functions. IDCA’s vast knowledge base and expertise in this field can help shed light on the true merits of each methodology as well as the pros and cons of each approach. Also defining tools, methods, systems, infrastructure, providers, as well as design, engineering, assessment and implementation supervision of optimum cloud execution and operation is an essential service element of IDCA’s expert teams.

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