Catalyse Achievement Of SDGs Through The Co-Creation Of Digital Public Infrastructure

DIGIT is an open-source platform with foundational capabilities needed by governments, markets & civil society to work together to deliver public service outcomes that help in the achievement of SDGs. It consists of well-defined specifications, standardized code, open APIs, and knowledge assets that can be freely leveraged by multiple partners to create, collaborate and innovate.
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Our Approach

Best In Class Technology

DIGIT is built using cutting-edge technologies and frameworks, including microservices architecture, cloud computing, mobile-first and web accessible interfaces that also power global digital companies like Netflix and Linkedin.

Wide Ecosystem of Partners

DIGIT is supported by a wide ecosystem of commercial and non-profit partners who support governments in leveraging DIGIT to improve service delivery from strategy and policy design to execution and change management.

Powering Transformation in Multiple Domains

Digit powers digital transformation across urban and rural administration, sanitation, healthcare, and public finance management, and is being leveraged by partners in other domains.

Certified as a Digital Public Good (DPG)

DIGIT is certified by the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA) as a DPG that can accelerate the attainment of the sustainable development goals. DPGs are a key element of the UN Secretary General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation. DIGIT is also aligned with key building blocks of the Global GovStack Initiative.

How Our System Brings Value

  • Bridge the gap between government and citizens
  • Deliver mission-centric services for digital empowerment – current missions include urban, health, sanitation, and public finance
  • Improve delivery of public services to citizens
  • Improve citizen experience by reducing time, effort, and cost in availing public services
  • Improve transparency, accountability, and operational efficiency within governing agencies
  • Increase ease of doing business with accessible digitised services
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