Digital public services are imperative to increase and ensure public satisfaction. When digitizing the government two things should be taken into close consideration. The capability of the technology in engaging citizens and businesses, and the ability to enable the people behind the technology to perform their duties seamlessly.

One of the main aims of using digital tools, is to improve the government interaction with their citizens. Research has shown that residents who are satisfied with their public services are more likely to trust the government than those who are not. The key to providing good digital service is to design a user friendly solution that works around the needs of the citizens. One way this can be achieved is through consolidating digital channels.

Instead of citizen having to visit multiple websites or applications, there would be a unified platform that offers all these services. Users can use the same solution to access and navigate information such as payments, access to information such as birth certificates, identification number etc. Research done by Accenture (2017) has revealed that digital transformation of services can have a positive impact on a country’s competitiveness and innovation, in turn leading to a positive increase in the country’s economy.

Another group that can greatly benefit from digitization, is public sector employees. Automated processes can reduces administrative burden and directly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery by lowering the costs associated with delivery and improving quality and coverage of services.

Advanced digital public service will also provide citizens with 24/7 accessibility while reducing the time spent by individual interacting with public administration, a feature that would be immensely helpful in the current climate with the COVID 19 pandemic.

These are a handful of advantages that digitization can bring to public sector planning and efficiency in service delivery. Would you like to know more about how public service delivery can be transformed by going digital? We have been helping governments overcome their challenges by leveraging technology and the cloud. Ask us how –