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Human-Centric Conversational AI Platform

The world’s first and the highest delivering human-centric conversational AI platform; which is secure, scalable and reliable; equipped with patent- pending tech (based on AI, ML, NLP, AR & VR); and powers Multi-Format (VideoBot, VoiceBot, ChatBot), Multi-Lingual (100+ Languages) and Omni- Channel Virtual Assistants being used by 500 million+ users.

Our Services


Customer Experience Omni-Channel Support

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Customer Support

  • Customer Information

  • Onboarding Process

  • Customer Interaction

  • Loan Eligibility

  • Track Customer Feedback

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Customer Experience Account Information

  • Zero Wait Time

  • Instant Access to Account Information

  • Secure Verification

  • Action Button Choices to Eliminate Errors

  • Multilingual

  • Happy Customers

Seamless Human and AI Customer Support

Omni Channel Help Desk

Unified view of tickets from different channels and medium (Text, Email)

 60% Increase in Call Deflection

Smart Agent or Human Assist

ML based auto-suggestions for agent responses based on previous queries

 30% Improvement in Agent Productivity

Perfect Blend of Human + AI

AI automation for simple queries; live agent call transfer for complex queries

 Self-Serve is the way forward

Monitoring Dashboards for Agent Metrics

Agent performance tracking, SLA, KPI reporting

 Improve CSAT while keeping operational costs low

Deeper Analytics and Conversational Metrics

User Journey Visualization

Deep dive into what journeys users are taking, where and why are they dropping off

 Improve conversational experience using insights from journey visualization

Tag Unfulfilled Conversations

Ability to tag and analyze bad conversations and improvise future response

 Increase in Conversation Completion Rates

Custom Dashboards and Reporting

Slice and dice possible within clicks and enables robust real time visualization

 Fine tune campaign strategies based on insights

Design and Track Business Goals

Create custom business goals through no code drag and drop metric trackers

 Build your business goals within minutes and track them in real time

Key Customer Experience Use Cases

Customer Service

Account Management, Balance Enquiry, Complaint Handling, Block/Unblock Cards, Loan Advisory, Eligibility Checker



Reminders, EMI Calculator, Tax Advisor, Branch/ATM Locators, Fund Transfers, Bill Payments


Sales and Marketing

New Card Sales, Appointments, Follow-up Chats, Investment Advisor, Account Information, Buy/Sell Forex, IPO & Demat Accounts Openings, Awareness, Lead Generation, Referrals, Promotional Offers on Loans & Cards, Information Updation


HR Automation

Hire-to-Retire Automation, Payroll and Leave Management, Voice of Employees, Policy FAQs



Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Tax Processes, General Accounting, Audit, Treasury


Voice Contact Centre

Ticket Closure, Call Cognitive Agent Routing, Transaction Routing, Lead Generation, Feedback Surveys, Greetings, Reminders, Transaction Completion


ITSM Automation

Incident Management, Identity & Access Management, Critical Alerts Monitoring, Access Provisioning, Password Resets

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