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Build a Data Literacy Organization


12 Apr 2023

Companies with more data-literate people are going to win.

In a world of more data, the companies with more data-literate people are the ones that are going to win. Data literacy has become an in-demand capability in the modern workforce. It provides employees with the ability to extract meaningful insights from an organisation’s data and then use that knowledge to identify and address problems or opportunities.

Data illiteracy not only impedes not individual performance. It also has wider ramifications that can impact the growth and success of an organisation. In a world where data is everywhere, organisations must improve their internal data literacy skill sets if they want to fully adapt to the modern business landscape.

Examples of Data Literacy in the Workplace

From retailers tracking customer purchases to company websites making use of cookies and website beacons, businesses are collecting data at an unprecedented rate. In today’s world, all organisations have the ability to gather data, regardless of their size, industry or turnover. But without adept data literacy skills, the significance of this data remains untapped.

Data literacy has the potential to play a fundamental role in almost any kind of role within a business. By analysing data and drawing conclusions, employees can:

  • Ask the right questions

  • Test out hypotheses

  • Identify opportunities or areas of concern

  • More effectively mitigate risks

  • Create meaningful visualisations to communicate data-driven insights in an easy- to-understand format for leaders and stakeholders

Launch your data literacy program with Soft-Tech Consultants

In an increasingly online world, the role of data literacy is becoming more and more pronounced. Organisations with a workforce skilled in data literacy can more efficiently capitalise on historic and present data-driven insights to prepare for future growth.

While data literacy belongs in all organisations, the manner in which it will be utilised will differ according to individual needs. This makes it all the more important for organisations to deliver personalised learning experiences that empower individuals to apply data literacy skills in their everyday duties.

Soft-Tech Consultants offers organisations personalised learning solutions that can be tailored to target the management and technical skills. Learn more about the diverse benefits that come with fostering key skills within your workforce and get in touch with the team at Soft-Tech Consultants today.

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