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Premium Technology Consulting, Business Solutions, and System Integration Company.

"We Help You Transform and Run Smart Business"

"We Help You Transform and Run Smart Business"

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About Soft Tech Consultants

We Deliver Results While Strengthening Relationships

Soft Tech leads with technology solutions to solve business problems and transform the way of doing business to achieve outstanding results.

Our Solutions

Built on Experience, Designed to Solve Business Problems

Cybersecurity Services

With the ever-changing cyber landscape, a security breach is only a matter of time. As your business grows so does your cyber risk; and with the cost of breaches ever increasing, you can no longer afford not to take action!

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Data Analytics Services

Soft-Tech’s advisory services covers all key areas and depending on the maturity level of an organization’s Data Strategy and its current needs, any one, a combination or all services can be provided.

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Data Center Infrastructure Management

IDCA’s core mission is to aid in standardizing the approach, selection, design, feasibility, operation, and various processes and methodologies of the Application Ecosystem®.

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eProcurement Solutions

Soft-Tech’s e-Procurement Software Suite enables your business to achieve automation by offering buy, sell and auction workflows to drive procurement with complete integration to major ERPs and deployment in no time.

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Conversational AI Solutions

Human-centric conversational AI platform; which is secure, scalable and reliable; equipped with patentpending tech (based on AI, ML, NLP, AR & VR); and powers Multi-Format (VideoBot, VoiceBot, ChatBot), Multi-Lingual (100+ Languages) and OmniChannel Virtual Assistants being used by 500 million+ users.

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Healthcare Solutions

A hospital information system (HIS) and electronic health record (EHR) for public and private health organizations, hospitals or clinics, of any size or complexity.  It allows hospitals and clinics to reduce costs and be more efficient, due to the optimization of processes and the considerable reduction in attention times.

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ERP & Manufacturing Solutions

With information in your hands “in real-time” you can become proactive and anticipate and solve production problems before they happen. Real-time insight helps you pinpoint critical issues, reduce waste, and improve quality and customer service. Everyone in the plant and throughout the business can take action to improve manufacturing performance.

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Government Solutions

Digital Infrastructure for Governance, Impact and Transformation (DIGIT) is an open-source platform that helps governments deliver public services reliably. DIGIT enables effortless collaboration within and across government bodies, provides administrators and policymakers with the data needed for decision-making, and helps frontline employees and government contractors with the information and tools needed on the ground.

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Our Thinking

Build a Data Literacy Organization

In a world of more data, the companies with more data-literate people are the ones that are going to win.

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